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Buying a Real Estate Investment Property in Fort Collins

With a booming economy and increased demand for housing fueled by larger businesses calling the city home, now is an ideal time to make investments in Fort Collins investments.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term personal investment or are willing to make lucrative profits through short-term investments in rental properties, investing in Fort Collins can offer incredible returns on your investment.

Here at The Mullenberg Team, we analyzed why investing in the Fort Collins real estate market is beneficial. Below, we will discuss current trends and what they mean if you start investing your money into real estate.

From aiding first-time homebuyers to helping ambitious entrepreneurs build their portfolios, our team has helped dozens of investors take the plunge into homeownership. Let us be your guide as you pursue your dream!

Buying a Real Estate Investment Property in Fort Collins

Market research for real estate investment property

How to choose the best market?
The right real estate market can make a massive difference in property investing. The key is to conduct thorough market research before taking the first step into the real estate sector.

In-depth analysis and objective evaluation are essential to get the best returns on investment and avoid expensive missteps.

You’ll want to look at critical factors to decide which market is the best for your needs, such as:

  • Economic activity
  • Existing demand
  • Population growth
  • Competing developments.

Knowing the best market for real estate investing is far from easy. For this reason, at The Mullenberg Team, we’re here to help you make the right real estate investment in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

real estate investing Fort Collins

Capital to Invest

How much capital do I need for real estate investment?

Despite the high initial capital required, with proper guidance, you can increase returns through cash flow or growth in equity.

According to, the average home sale in Fort Collins is $523,000, while the median listing home price is $270 per square foot.

Property appreciation can also create a great return on investment – meaning you can make money even when rents remain stagnant. There are many opportunities available to investors that could be considered lucrative options, many of which come with tax benefits.

Best performing cities report

Colorado cities have seen impressive growth this past year, according to the Milken Institute, with four of them, in particular, standing out.

Colorado Springs, Denver–Aurora–Lakewood, Boulder, and Fort Collins were considered the best-performing cities in the state of Colorado in 2022 due to their job and wage growth and increased high-tech GDP.

Each city’s individual successes contributed to an overall successful year for the state’s economy as a whole.

Real Estate Investment Calculator

At The Mullenberg Team, we know how important getting an accurate quote for your investments. Review some of the most important appraisal factors, and outline ways to know how much your home value is.

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Fort Collins commercial real estate investment property opportunities

The Mullenberg Team provides investors with invaluable expertise to navigate the complexities of the local market. Business owners and investors trust us to provide premium solutions and strategies to reach their financial goals.

Since 2013, we have served hundreds of customers and are now in the top 1% in sales volume in the Northern Colorado market. With extensive experience in understanding the Fort Collins area and its developments, we work to ensure that our clients are making successful investments while mitigating risks.

Our team of experienced professionals provides tailored assistance throughout the entire process, from selecting appropriate property options to analyzing investment opportunities.

As active members of the National Association of Realtors and the Fort Collins Board of Realtors, you know you can trust us for your real estate investments.

Market analysis for commercial investment real estate

Analyzing the market for commercial investment real estate is an important step for any investor. First, it is essential to understand the local economy to measure the health of the area where the property is located.

Gathering data, such as the following, can provide a clear picture of the current market:

  • GDP per capita
  • Median incomes
  • Population growth
  • Unemployment rate

Furthermore, we research relevant sectors to determine which areas of Northern Colorado have potential opportunities.

An effective market analysis should also factor in supply and demand dynamics impacting rental or sale prices within a given area.

The Mullenberg Team offers comprehensive market analysis for commercial investment real estate. Our team is up to date on real estate trends, local market conditions, and financial borrowing opportunities, allowing us to develop sound analyses of your potential investments.

Fort Collins residential real estate investment opportunities

Are you looking to invest in residential real estate in or around Fort Collins? If so, consider the benefits of working with an experienced real estate agency.

With our years of experience and expertise, we ensure that your investment decisions are sound, highly profitable, and tailored to fit your individual needs — all while saving you valuable time and money throughout the process.

We specialize in single-family homes, condos, and apartment properties. Our team constantly analyzes market data and recommends the best investment opportunities for our clients.

With a proven track record of success in structuring deals, we help both buyers and sellers find the ideal fits for their needs.

The Mullenberg Team can provide sound financial advice and support every step of the way for successful real estate investments.

Find Real Estate Investment Opportunities for return on investment

Fort Collins offers numerous opportunities for investments, whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced one. The city is a great option due to:

  • The stable economy
  • The beautiful scenery
  • Ample job opportunities
  • The highly skilled labor force.

Additionally, you can find attractive housing options with reasonable prices and a large potential for return on investment.

All in all, investing in real estate in Fort Collins is a solid choice that anyone looking for growth in their investments should consider exploring further.

Real Estate Investment Statistics for Fort Collins Investments

Based on current trends and market statistics, Fort Collins is an excellent place to invest in real estate. The median sold price in the city is $323,469, with home values increasing by 2.5% in the last year.

In addition to a relatively high growth rate, properties typically sell quickly – the average time it took to sell a property this past year was 33 days, representing an increase of 5.9% from last year.

So for anyone looking for higher returns and confidence in their investments in real estate, Fort Collins provides all that and more.

Best city for rental and property investment

Fort Collins, CO, has a diverse rental market with apartments and condos to fit any budget and also benefits from its close proximity to Denver, which draws more potential occupants into the area.

Furthermore, property investors enjoy a steady demand for rental housing due to the expanding population of professionals within the city.

With plenty of amenities nearby and favorable returns on investment properties, it’s no wonder Fort Collins is one of the top cities for rental and property investment in the United States.

Invest as a single investor vs group of investors

Deciding to invest as a single individual or with a group of investors is an important financial decision. Investing alone offers full control over the decisions made and access to all information regarding the investment without sharing it with others.

However, investing with a group comes with various advantages, such as diversifying resources and ideas.

Also, you’ll get more pool funds for large projects, shared experience among different investors, and a greater knowledge base when researching potential investments.

Ultimately each investor must determine which option is best for their individual financial situation.

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