Everything You Need To Know About Interest Rates

 What you need to know about where rates are and where they’re going. As we get into spring, we are here to update you on the hottest topic in real estate, which is interest rates. They’re driving everything right now, and they’re leading the headlines as everyone is trying to figure out where they’re […]

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2023 Market Forecast for Northern CO

 Our five main predictions for the housing market in the coming year. This is an exciting time in northern Colorado real estate. We’ve been on a crazy ride since interest rates spiked in the middle of 2022, but we’re finally starting to see some relief. Here are our predictions for the housing market in […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About a Recession

 Here’s what you need to know about the future of our housing market. Have you heard about inflation and a possible recession in the news recently? I understand these topics can be scary, but don’t worry; I’ve got some good news. When the word inflation starts being replaced with the word recession in the […]

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What Has Changed in Our New Market?

Six ways that our new market is different from the old one.   We are officially in a new market. Our old market was crazy, but we’re leaving it behind, so what has changed? Today I’ll explain a few key differences:   1. The old market was nothing but hot bidding wars. Everyone had to look […]

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6 Reasons Why Fort Collins Real Estate is Recession-Proof

Here are the six reasons why the Fort Collins market is recession-proof.   With interest rates expected to rise and news of an impending recession making headlines, many of my clients are on the fence about their buying or selling plans. However, is there a cause for concern? Historically, home prices in the Fort Collins […]

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There’s No Housing Bubble in 2022

Why you don’t need to worry about a housing bubble here in 2022.  Have we entered a housing crash like in 2007? Many people are concerned about the state of the real estate market, and Google searches for terms relating to the “housing bubble” have shot up as a result. However, many experts believe that […]

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2022 Forecast for Northern Colorado Real Estate Market

Here’s what we can expect from Colorado’s real estate market in 2022.   If you thought last year was crazy, buckle up for another wild ride. Today we want to give you a market forecast for northern Colorado’s 2022 market.   First, prices will likely continue to rise. Last year, we saw about 20% appreciation […]

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4 Reasons Our Market Is Cooling Off

 Here’s four reasons we think the market might be starting to cool off. We finally have an answer to the question we’ve all been asking the past 18 months: “When is this red-hot Colorado market going to cool off?” It looks like the market is starting to cool off right now, and there are […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Buy

 Here are five reasons you shouldn’t wait to buy a home in Fort Collins.   We’ve recently heard plenty of people saying that since the real estate market is so nutty, they’re waiting for it to crash before they buy a house. Here are five points to consider if you’re thinking about waiting:   […]

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8 Reasons Behind Our Low-Inventory Market

 Here’s what happened to all the inventory in our market.   Our inventory is currently at historic lows. In fact, in Northern Colorado, the number of homes for sale is down by almost 70% over this same time last year. There are eight reasons behind this shortage of inventory:   1. The pandemic. During […]

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